Growing up I wondered why I did not fit in with the "in crowd" even in elementary school I felt alone and had trouble making friends. I tried hanging with the "Geeks" and "Nerds" but found it easier to hang with "people that got high".
I'm sure doing drugs, drinking, sniffing and even shooting up didn't help me become more normal, it may have took away some of the fear I had.
But eventually isolated me from the REAL world. I looked at other people that had: Careers, Relationships, Nice Cars and Things and wanted what they had.
They say " even a broken clock is right twice a day" , we all have moments of clarity too. without writing my life story let me sum it up by saying I came to my senses at around age 33
and turned things around. Took me years to build a life, career and family.
I repair drones, TVs, can put up websites so I put up this website as a free helpful tool for anyone needing help.
The world may seem cold and dark sometimes, but there is Love and light in it I promise.
Not just professionals that can give advice, people that have overcome whatever you are struggling with.
People that care , people that Love to help!
Post whats going on with your life here and listen with an open heart.