During last nights episode Gordon Clark Died and I think they showed his life passing before him.
He saw his ex wife Donna come into the house and the scene changed as she was taking care of the kids and then the new born baby.
Maybe his good times in his life were what he saw as he pass away, I wonder if that's really what happens? or is it like a light switch turned off?
I love this show and the Characters too. I feel/felt the loss of Gordon (emotionally) and it reminds me of my own mortality .
I relate to him in some ways, being a computer geek and trying to fix everything else myself.
Gordon was trying to fix the AC in the office and is shown replacing a breaker and then the 24volt transformer on the AC (did the trick apparently)
Next week the 2 hour series finally I hope they wrap it up without killing anyone else off.
Presently in the show the two companies have online search engines (like Google) they are called "Rover and Comet".
This show illustrates the computer age and internet through these amazing pioneer's eyes.
Who will become the Google of that age? Rover or Comet?
Will everyone live happily ever after? (not really, but you know what I mean)
How will Haley and Joanie turn out (Gordon and Donna's Daughter's)
Will Joe and Cameron stay together (get married, have kid s)?
what about Diane and Bos?
I hope they fast forward (to future years) in the show to really give us a full picture of how things end up
If you are a fan of the show please tell us what you think or feel, what details jumped out to you?
Thanks for looking or commenting