Relationships can be hard with people in front of you, personality clashes, disagreements or just jealously or Competition.
We can talk to people face to face, online, phone,etc and prayer is how we can talk to God.
So how can God talk to us? Now please understand I am talking about the God of the Holy Bible, so if your concept of God is from somewhere else feel free to comment or start your own post.
The Bible is available in many languages and has many versions/translations. I like understanding what I am reading so I find a 20th century translation easier to understand like the "NIV, New international version" or the "NAS New American Standard" most Bibles will qualify the translation by stating how many scholars and religious leaders oversaw the accuracy of the translation, there are also concordances that parallel comparison Bibles to help one study and understand.
If you believe that God "Created the world and everything in it" (Genesis 1:1) , then believing he can provide a book intact is not that much of a stretch.
In Psalm 139:23-24 this guy is praying and asks God to "search his heart" " Know his anxious thoughts" "see if he is doing wrong" and "Lead him"
In the NIV it says "search me" in the message Bible it says "investigate me" I personally don't regularly ask to be "investigated"
Today when I read this I realized:
1.God sees me anyway whether I ask him to or not, letting him in can only help me not hurt me (unless I am doing wrong and don't want to stop)
2.My anxious thoughts (anxiety) is directly caused by situations that may have come from something I did wrong.
3.If I want a relationship with God , this is how to do it. (read and pray accordingly).
So in a short conclusion we can pray and talk to God, but listening (reading the Bible) is just as important if not more. Try talking to your wife and not listening and post how that's going.
There are many clear words in the Bible, start with the ones that are easy to understand (like this Psalm).
And the God that created the "earth , heavens, everything else" is able to lead you into a deep relationship with him.
What do you think?