1. Spam and Off topic Posts

    As the admin of this website I have allowed the spammers posting their Gibberish and probably back link posted adds.
    Because real people interested in the topic of this website don't post or message me I leave whatever is posted on here. Any content on here may drive traffic to the website and if I ever finish editing its content I may clean up some of the posts too.
    I own the vbulletin License might as well have it live
  2. Broken or Normal

    Growing up I wondered why I did not fit in with the "in crowd" even in elementary school I felt alone and had trouble making friends. I tried hanging with the "Geeks" and "Nerds" but found it easier to hang with "people that got high".
    I'm sure doing drugs, drinking, sniffing and even shooting up didn't help me become more normal, it may have took away some of the fear I had. I looked at other people that had: Careers, Relationships, Nice Cars and Things. ...